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ICONMIGZ at Kunde Family Winery in Kenwood California

I am a singer, songwriter, composer, who enjoys life’s journey.  I try to incorporate what I learn into everything I do. Entertainment is a big part of my life especially music and movies. Each draws me in emotionally and inspires me.  I love to travel to less popular destinations such as Eastern Europe, Russia, Thailand, Japan and French Polynesia to name a few.  I found that many of these places have retained their mystery and some seem untouched by time.

There are many interests that have enriched my life throughout my travels.  One of those interests paired well with building my music network, and that was car culture.  The celebration of cars is always in season in Florida and I was able to take that opportunity and make it my own.  Now, as a brand ambassador and news producer for Drivetribe (the largest online automotive community in the world, owned by the original presenters of Top Gear, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May), I cover lifestyle events around the world and interview influential people within those circles, thereby bridging relationships and networks while introducing and branding Drivetribe.

Here are some interests that I write about:

Celebrity Interviews Celebrities and Influential people that I have met during my travels

Car Shows & Events Cars & Coffee, Trade shows etc.

Music: The music that I write and the music that inspires me.

Movies: Favorite old movies and new.

Television: Television shows and reviews

Recipes: Recipes from my favorite chefs.

Libations: Alcoholic beverages from wine to beer to drink recipes.

Food / Restaurants: Experiences and personal reviews

Travel: Places that I have traveled to and notable hot spots.

Florida Entertainment: Florida entertainment hot spots.

Disney Easter Eggs: Experiences at the parks and what I have found notable!

Please subscribe to my YouTube channel for updates and thank you for your support

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Here is a link to my music: MIGZ MUSIC

Written by migzrocks

November 29, 2011 at 3:58 PM

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