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ICONMIGZ at Kunde Family Winery in Kenwood California

I am a singer, songwriter, composer, who enjoys life’s journey.  I try to incorporate what I learn into everything I do. Entertainment is a big part of my life especially music and movies. Each draws me in emotionally and inspires me.  I love to travel to less popular destinations such as Eastern Europe, Russia, Thailand, Japan and French Polynesia to name a few.  I found that many of these places have retained their mystery and some seem untouched by time.


My Blog Categories:

Music: The music that I write and the music that inspires me.

Movies: Favorite old movies and new.

Television: Television shows and reviews

Recipes: Recipes from my favorite chefs.

Libations: Alcoholic beverages from wine to beer to drink recipes.

Food / Restaurants: Experiences and personal reviews

Travel: Places that I have traveled to and notable hot spots.

Florida Entertainment: Florida entertainment hot spots.

Disney Easter Eggs: Experiences at the parks and what I have found notable!


Here is a link to my music: MIGZ MUSIC


Written by migzrocks

November 29, 2011 at 3:58 PM

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